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Author Debbie Ladd (Lichtman)

Welcome to Deb on Air Books. As a child, my mom took my siblings and me to the library and read books to us while my dad filled our thoughts with made-up stories of a famous pilot named Mr. G. Through these moments, a love of storytelling emerged and brought me into a world of wonderment. Voila. Years later, these experiences, as well as my dreams and aspirations, transformed me into a teacher and an author, a person who loves to educate and entertain young people through a world of reality, fantasy, and wonderment.


Now I’d like to share my stories with you. It will be an adventure. The path will take you to meet new and wonderful characters along the way. The journey will help children visit unique places while they explore the magic of reading. This exciting experience will enhance the love of learning and will provide readers  with a wonderful, worthwhile voyage into the world of imagination through unique rhymes, imagery, themes, and plots.  So step on board and enjoy the ride with Deb on Air Books. I hope you enjoy the trip. Read more...

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