Citizens of Libris are baffled when they discover that the endings of books are missing. Who is committing this crime? A famous detective and his dog are hired to solve the mystery, and what follows is a heart-warming story that encourages children to value, cherish, and appreciate the books they read.


For children ages 4-9.

64 pages - hard cover.


Ethan the Ending Eater

Nurse Robin’s Hats

As patients at the Children’s Hospital receive treatment, they also encounter a remarkable nurse. Wearing a different hat each day, Nurse Robin Ray administers medicine and care with extra kindness and attention. When it is revealed why she wears these special hats, both the staff and patients recognize that Nurse Robin provides a double dose of optimism, joy, and humanity. This uplifting, touching story illustrates how laughter is the best medicine and that those who continually give, continually gain.


For children ages 4-9.

52 pages - hard cover.



After it rains, kids make a mad dash for puddles, an amusing playground of entertainment. Puddles is the light-hearted story of what kids do when they get the chance to frolic in these funny pools of water. Lively and full of enjoyment, the story shows how children partake in a variety of activities that range from splashing with friends to counting tadpoles.


For children ages 3-7.

32 pages - soft cover.


What If?

What If? is a whimsical book that encourages young readers to think about aspects of life that are often taken for granted. Children are provided with new ways to look at simple pleasures. What If? allows them to experience a delightful journey into a fantasy world that can only be imagined.


For children ages 3-7.

28 pages - hard cover.


Don’t Pick Your Nose

Sometimes it’s a bit tricky to talk to kids about bad habits.  Don’t Pick Your Nose, a humorous children’s book that entertains young readers, drives home an important point about good habits.  A must-read for all children, this story reinforces why it’s so important to keep your fingers out of your nose.  This book is destined to be a classic.


For children ages 3-7.

24 pages - hard cover.



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