Act now and book a special assembly with Debbie Ladd, children’s book author and award-winning educator.


With the popularity of her first five children’s stories, What If, Don’t Pick Your Nose, Puddles, Ethan the Ending Eater, and Nurse Robin’s Hats, published author and nationally-recognized instructor, Debbie Ladd, has been invited to speak and share her stories with young readers at schools as well as at parks and recreation centers.


Debbie has received positive reviews for her work:


What an absolutely fabulous morning we had with Debbie Ladd. The staff and students were buzzing about it for weeks after her visit. Debbie’s engaging presentation had us spellbound the entire time. I have never seen my students so excited about writing. Debbie was able to engage all 120 students by focusing on the entire writing process. Whether it was the beautifully drawn artwork, the business of publishing, the knowledge of mechanics, or the joy of storytelling, all students were enthralled. It was exciting for them to see a story written from a rough idea that was then made into an incredible piece of work.


Students (and teachers) laughed out loud at the hilarity of Don’t Pick Your Nose, and were completely engaged by the whimsical tone of What If? We chose to use the latter book as a premise to a Mother’s Day poem that students wrote for that special day.

Child reading Nurse's Robin Hats

As a parent and a teacher, I am amazed at how one presentation changed the quality and quantity of my students’ writing. Debbie Ladd motivated them to be creative and to enjoy writing. My students are now self-editing and self-evaluating their work, with a goal of creating an entertaining story that they will treasure for a lifetime. They are even writing stories at home and bringing them into class to share.


Debbie inspired the students, staff, and our very impressed administrator with her flawless presentation. We look forward to her next books, and to having her come back year after year to inspire some more “budding” authors.


Ms. Janet Anderson, Principal at Helen Carr Castello Elementary School, Elk Grove, CA


Elaine Stuart, on the Child Magazine website, writes: “The open-ended nature of the content [of ‘What If’] will spur creative thinking, and children will love the colorful, vibrant illustrations, which are every bit as playful and original as the writing.”


Don Maruska, business consultant, author of the Amazon bestseller How Great Decisions are Made, and CEO of Don Maruska and Company writes, “‘What If’ and ‘Don’t Pick Your Nose’ have engaging prose and enchanting illustrations. They capture the imagination and make reading fun! With adults, teachers, and children all flocking to these books, you can be assured that they are winners.”


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Every presentation incorporates a variety of Common Core Standards in language arts, and includes readings by the author as well as interactive discussions with students about the following:


• how to develop ideas for stories

• why it’s important to use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation

• how to include plot, setting, main idea, theme, character development, etc. in stories

• how children can become great writers

• what steps are needed to write and publish a story or book


One-hour presentation: $350.00

Two-hour presentation: $600.00

Three-hour presentation: $750.00


A presale in which 50 books (or more) are sold may be used in lieu of the one-hour presentation fee.


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