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Veteran high school teacher Debbie Ladd presents Ethan the Ending Eater, a rhyming children's picture book about a mysterious succession of robberies--endings from books everywhere have disappeared! Hot on the trail, Detective Robbins and his faithful dog at last discover [a] mischievous elf who has been eating endings. Fortunately, the remorseful elf changes his ways--"I'll eat my fruits and vegetables / And whole wheat bread and jelly. / For books stay in the head and heart, / While food goes in the belly." The bright, cartoony illustrations perfectly complement this wonderful, read aloud storybook designed to foster a love of reading in young people. Highly recommended especially for children's library picture book collections.

The Midwest Book Review

Nurse Robin’s Hats is a great book, dedicated to spreading awareness about the difference a hair donor can make. Children suffering from medical hair loss also suffer from a loss of self. People of all ages will be inspired to donate after reading about Nurse Robin’s good deed.

Laura Kukkamaa, Communications Director, Locks of Love

Each page of this fanciful book poses a question that challenges young readers to abandon reality and consider the inconceivable: "What if tears were really sweet, So crying made a tasty treat?" The result is a series of transformations from the ordinary to the extraordinary that are sure to delight kids' sensibilities. The ideas range from whimsical scenes ("What if kids could jump on clouds, While thunder spoke in words aloud?") to tender musings ("What if rainbows came to Earth, Each time a mother just gave birth?"). The open-ended nature of the content will spur creative thinking, and children will love the colorful, vibrant illustrations, which are every bit as playful and original as the writing.

Reviewed by Elaine Stuart, Child Magazine and Parents Magazine

Nurse Robin’s Hats is a wonderful book that shares how many in the health profession dedicate themselves to more than curing disease; they also take care of the patients’ psychological well-being.  Nurse Robin will inspire you to think of the whole person and how you can dedicate yourself to make a difference in another’s life.

Mark Slocum, Administrative Team, Children’s Oncology Camping Association

What If and Don't Pick Your Nose have engaging prose and enchanting illustrations. They capture the imagination and make reading fun! My nephews and niece loved them. What's more, the local kindergarten teacher eagerly read them to her class. With adults, teachers, and children all flocking to these books, you can be assured that they are winners. These books by Debbie Ladd are the best children's books that I've seen. Buy them and enjoy the gleeful interest in reading that you will stimulate in the children you love.

Don Maruska, Business Consultant and Author of the Amazon Bestseller, How Great Decisions are Made

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